Working Tools

I'm interested in finding beauty in well-used tools. The tools in this project have been photographed as-is, not cleaned up because I believe the wear, grease, rust, etc., adds to the character of hard-working tools. Specifically, I'm looking for interesting lines, angles, shapes, shadows, highlights, textures, and contrasts.

Doyle's Wrench Open End Wrench

Doyle was a highly skilled mechanic. He held high standards, yet was kind, patient, and caring. He was my mentor for automobile mechanics, carpentry and above all, for living a self-giving, productive life.
Doyle was my father-in-law. 

Doyle's Box end Wrench
Doyle's Hatchet
Chopping Block - 1977     Tri-X 120   D76 (1:1)
This photo was taken at the Spirit Lake Campground, Mt. St. Helens 
 "Crescent" Wrench
Canon 70D 1/125 @ F/22
This wrench has been rattling around in my toolbox for years. I cannot recall when or how I acquired it. It may have been one of Doyle's tools that I inherited years ago.
Wrench Array
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